Christopher Lopez, BS

Graduate Student


BS in Microbiology, University of Wisconsin - Madison


My current research focuses on determining the contribution of dendritic cells (DC) to both the initiation and regulation the adaptive immunity to pulmonary pathogens, including but not limited to influenza virus. Specifically, I am looking at the mechanisms behind the selective recruitment of a subset of DC known as CD301b DC during certain respiratory infections and their possible contribution to Th17 responses in the lung. Overall the goals are to determine which DC and lung-derived factors and interactions induce certain aspects of immunity during various pathogen infections of the lungs. This knowledge is important in the rational design of methods to alter respiratory immunopathology, improve vaccinations, and boost T cell responses to influenza virus and other pulmonary pathogens.


Christopher Lopez
Department of Pathology
112 MRC
501 Newton Road
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States