Recent Graduate College Focus on Dr. Legge's Research

Hemann EA, Kang SM, Legge KL.(2013). Protective CD8 T Cell-Mediated Immunity against Influenza A Virus Infection following Influenza Virus-like Particle Vaccination. Journal of Immunology 191: 2486.

"In this Issue: Universal Flu Vaccines?"

McGill J, Van Rooijen N, Legge KL. (2010). IL-15 trans-presentation by pulmonary dendritic cells promotes effector CD8 T cell survival during influenza virus infections. Journal of Experimental Medicine 207:521.

Faculty of 1000 "Exceptional"

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Guidot, DA. A Sigh of relief about treating influenza in individuals with Alcohol-use disorders? 2010 ACER 34(8):1425-31.